Ophir Dhupam is the 8th card of the 39 Clues cards.

Description Edit

"Ophir Dhupam is a movie star in Bollywood, India and Hollywood, USA, and a current Janus agent. He's currently starring in The Four Quarters Of My Heart, a movie musical set at the Taj Mahal . Ophir has thousands of fans (particularly girl fans, who sometimes faint when they see him). However, the other Cahill family branches are skeptical that an actor rumored to be as, well...kooky as Ophir could really be a powerful Janus agent. Rumor has it that Prateek Ghupta, Ophir's agent, is the true power. If only the other branches could break his e-mail codes...."

Back Edit

Clue Edit

This card combined with Card 12, Card 17, and Card 21, forms the Clue Cobra Venom.

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