Dan Cahill is the 2nd card of the 39 Clues cards.

Description Edit

"Dan Cahill planned to spend his next year like a normal 11-year-old bugging his sister, Amy, licking batteries, and trying to figure out how many bottle rockets he could launch in a school assembly without getting caught. But then his grandmother died, and at her will reading Dan learned that he's a member of the most powerful family the world has ever known. Now Dan and Amy are involved in a race around the world to find the 39 Clues that lead to the source of the Cahill Family's great power. But does he stand a chance? Because enemy eyes are following Dan--more closely than he knows."

Clue Edit

This card, combined with Card 1, Card 3, Card 4, Card 5, and Card 6, forms Clue 1, Iron Solute.

Top Secret Edit

The Top Secret tab shows three surveillance pictures of Dan in three different places: Beacon Hill, Philadelphia, and Paris.

Back Edit

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