Description Edit

"Ships sink. Airplanes disappear from the skies. The triangle in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico seems to swallow boats and aircraft. No one knows why. Is it the storms that appear to come up from nowhere? Are there strange currents or magnetic fields that drag boats down into the sea's watery depths and pluck airplanes from the clouds? Just WHAT is out there? Or who? . . ." It's the Ekats. The Ekats have made a secret base in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. This is their most advanced base and no one has ever infiltrated it. They are hiding a Clue there and if by protecting it means to sink anything in sight, than so be it!".

Puzzle Edit

Question: The flags flying from the ship spell out a frantic message. What is the message?

Answer: Ekats got us.

Level: 1

Top secret Edit

A Bermuda triangle satellite photo with the location of the Ekat's stronghold inside it.

Clue Edit

This card, combined with Card 26 and Card 58, forms the Clue Uranium.

Back of the Card Edit

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