Card 25: Astronomer Royal is found in Card Pack 1.

Description Edit

"John Flamsteed was appointed England's first King's Astronomer Royal in 1675, and set up the observatory in Greenwich, England. Flamsteed devoted his life to making a map of the stars, hoping that knowing the stars would help sailors navigate better. Flamsteed was an excellent scientist and created one of the best star catalogs of his day. However, he refused to publish his work until it was finished--something he thought would take decades. Isaac Newton, a powerful Lucian scientist (and alchemist), didn't want to wait that long. So he and Edmond Halley (of Halley's Comet fame) stole Flamsteed's chart and published it on their own in 1712. Flamsteed was furious and burned all the copies of the published star catalog that he could find. But the question is--why was this star catalog and navigation SO important? What were the Ekats and the Lucians hoping to find?"

Top Secret Edit

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