Card 17: Email Code comes with One False Note.

Description Edit

"As the sneakiest of the branches, the Lucians have sent coded messages using everything from speed boats to trained rats. But the Lucians also like speed, so coded e-mail is their favorite way to pass secrets. Alana Flores often receives e-mail from Snakehead Productions with coded instructions about Clues and Clue hunters. "

Top Secret Edit

Two pages for all the Lucians with the new codes of the Lucians.

== Puzzle


Question: What message is hidden in the email?

Answer: Kabras busy in Europe. Go monitor Janus in India.

Level: 1

Clues Edit

This card, combined with Card 18, Card 19, Card 20, Card 21, and Card 22, forms the Clue Tungsten.

This card, combined with Card 8, Card 12, and Card 21, forms the Clue Cobra Venom.

It is available in the cards that appear in One False Note.

Back Edit

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